Monday, October 21, 2013

Class Agenda for October 22

This week's class has a lot to look forward to! We have guest speaker Chris Carson from Cypress Counseling, and she will be discussing her work with LGBTQ clients and best practices on clinical work with this population. We also have case presentations for case #2 and case #17. Also, don't forget about this week's readings, which are: 
  •  M&M chpt 7.
  • Case studies: #2, #17.
  • Supplemental readings: Crosbie-Burnett, Foster, Murray, & Bowen (1996), Lesser (1999), Ausbrooks & Russell (2011).
  • Optional supplemental readings: Gonzalez et al. (2012), LaSala (2000), Lease & Shulman (2003).

All supplemental readings are available on our course Blackboard site.

Thanks, see you tomorrow!

Links from last class

Hello again!
Here are links for the film we saw on October 15 about Chloe Prince and her family's experience during her transition from male to female.

October is LGBT History Month

Hello class!
To celebrate LGBT History Month, I want to turn your attention to a unique book about the gay and lesbian history of our fair town, Richmond. This book chronicles some interesting and little known facts about the active and productive work of our LGBT predecessors in Richmond. It is available at our library, or you can also find it online for purchase.

Title: Lesbian and Gay Richmond. Authors: Beth Marschak and Alex Lorch. Publisher: Arcadia Publications. Year: 2008.

Here is a link for more information:

Monday, October 7, 2013

Class agenda for October 8

 Hi class!
We will be meeting in the new building for class tomorrow so that we have more room for an in-class activity I have planned. The location is ALC 3201, which is the clinical classroom on the third floor (our social work floor). We will meet at the regular class time.

Also, please bring your case studies books to class as you will need it for our in-class activity.

Thanks! Let me know if you have any questions.